Marcus Stanley was born on September 3, 1985 in Norfolk, Virginia. An equally talented sister, Anhayla, and brother, Eric Stanley, shortly followed. Marcus was not your average child. By the age of 11, Marcus was playing piano for local churches in Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA. After a whirlwind of juvenile delinquencies, that included begin expelled from Henrico County Public Schools in 2001, and dropping out of high school, Marcus enrolled and successfully finished the Commonwealth Challenge Program and received his General Education Diploma. Thereafter, Marcus went on to attend J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, and by the mere age of 17, Marcus began playing for national recording artists, and performed at venues around the globe.

On April 2nd 2004, during the peak of his success, Marcus was shot 8 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber automatic weapon while touring as an initiation act by gang members. Due to the shooting, Marcus became temporarily paralyzed on his right side, lost the ability to walk, and leaving one bullet permanent lodged near his spine. With God’s grace and mercy, Marcus was successfully able to regain the strength to walk and recover most of the feeling in his right arm. However, Marcus became withdrawn and isolated. In order to suppress the pain and hurt, Marcus became addicted to pain medication and heroin. With repeated attempts of detox and short term drug rehabilitation programs, Marcus wrestled with his addiction, leaving him broken, lost, and hopeless.

By 2010, Marcus’ last attempt of detox became successful upon his introduction and entrance into the one-year, faith based, program called New Life for Youth. Through his multiple instruments of praise, Marcus Stanley's love for Christ has captivated the hearts of worshippers all across the world. Marcus strives to combat the giants of our day by leading the Body of Christ into a life-changing, authentic encounter with God. With the ability to touch the lives as an instrument of praise, Marcus has traded in the life of performing music for a life sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has ministered in the Dominican Republic, Accra, Ghana, Harare, Zimbabwe, Mexico City, Amsterdam, and Iquitos, Peru. This is just the beginning.

“I’m on a movement for Christ and I’m not slowing down. Throw the stones, shoot the arrows, bad mouth me, I’m ready for whatever! I’m taking up my cross and I’m walking for the Lord. If I can change, anyone can change. My destiny is so much greater than music. Music is just a tool to reach where words fail. Let God use you anyway that He can. Be an instrument.”